The Bramble Home Store is a large warehouses in the Everett area of Washington state.  We are affiliated with the Bramble furniture company as a major dealer, and are independently owned.  We have about 100,000 sq ft of Bramble products on display and in stock, the most inventory of any Bramble dealer in the entire world.  We purchase only top quality product from Bramble, no defects!  We ship in full containers with first run products direct from the factory.  Customers daily ask, “how do you sell for a great price, lower than anyone in the United States?”  Well, for all of the following good reasons... Shipping container direct from the factory saves you big bucks.  We own our low overhead buildings and they are not located in a fancy downtown location, a high priced mall, or a strip center.  We pass all these savings on to you, in addition to a great low markup.  With all these features we can offer you products at 1⁄2 to 1/3 of the true suggested retail price. You can go to the Bramble web site, Brambleco.com, and pick out any item, then visit our contact page and send us the model number and finish you would like and we will send you a price quote in pretty short order.  Bramble is a fine product made with quality solid mahogany by well paid craftspeople.  Bramble also plants a tree for every piece of furniture they make, over 1.5 million trees planted so far.  What company have you ever heard of that has done that?