Bramble Quitting Sale 50+25% Off!

To Our Valued Customers,

We opened The Bramble Home Store in 2010 at the height of the great recession to sell overstock, cancellations etc, that the Bramble Company offered us at substantial discounts that we legitimately passed on to the public. This worked well for us and The Bramble Company because we had three big vacant buildings and Bramble had no dealers in the area that would complain that we were selling Bramble products below or near dealer cost. In this internet world, word got out, outside this area and dealers all over the country complained daily to the Bramble company due to our low prices on first rate quality pieces.

A couple of months into the COVID pandemic, furniture stores re-opened throughout the country and cooped-up people had few choices of what to do with their time and furniture sales nationwide exploded. Many factories were closed for two months or more, so there was no stock or parts available to replenish retail floors, and there still isn’t. Along with that issue, freight costs have doubled over the last year domestically and internationally, skyrocketing landed product costs on everything and has affected almost all industries.

The Bramble Company is and was in a major dilemma regarding our company. The Bramble Home Store (not owned by the Bramble company), purchases 95% of our product from The Bramble Factory, in factory-direct containers, at huge discounts, and at about ½ the price most dealers pay to get their product and that is very easy for you to check by simply googling the word "Bramble" and include the model number and see what others are selling that Bramble product for. When buying direct containers the way we do, the freight and discount savings are huge compared to what a normal dealer pays for little quantities shipped domestically to them.

A little over a month ago, we got a letter from the Bramble company stating that we could not take, and they would NOT fill any more customer special orders taken after January 22, 2021, as those type of orders slowed their production down on stock orders and they lost money on these type of orders at the discounts they gave us. Special orders are about 1/2 our business and the business model we developed. Then we got a second letter stating that after filling all stock and special orders that were dated and placed prior to January 22nd, that all of our stock orders placed after January 22nd would not be shipped until August or September and at regular container pricing and they removed our discounts.

Over the last 3 years, The Factory has notified us of many overall price increases that we have not added to our store prices and just absorbed the increases. As freight has skyrocketed, we have also absorbed those increases and not added them to store prices. Now with our discounts being cut and freight skyrocketing, and with the increases we have not been passing along for years, we would have to double our current prices to make a profit, and we still would not get any stock orders that we placed after January 22rd until the Fall. By then we would be out of stock, lost our special order business and our prices would increase at least double what they are now.


  1. We got an offer and sold our Everett buildings about 2 weeks ago to The "Ballard Consignment Company" and we are retiring. Ballard Consignment is a large Seattle consignment company based in a 30,000 sq ft well-known facility in Ballard that will be putting in “Everett’s very own gigantic consignment store.” Full of bargains and high-quality new and gently-used home furnishings and accessories.

  2. We are notifying all our existing customers and we invite you to come and buy from our complete unpacked selection this coming Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We have cleaned out our warehouses and unpacked 90% of our stock and it is ready to go. You will never get a selection like this or the quality and style of Bramble ever again, especially at these prices. 

  3. All custom special orders will be filled for every customer before the sale ends. Anything you have ordered before January 22, you will get! We are not closing for any financially troubled reasons, only because of what is stated here and no other reasons. We are retiring after this sale and 45 years in business, and we are very happy about it.

  4. Bring your trucks and trailers to load out. You should make an appointment to load product out so you’re not waiting around for hours. Bring proper packing materials so you don’t damage your purchases.

  5. This event takes place in the 85,000 sq ft Everett facility only. The Snohomish store has been closed and all merchandise is being transferred to the Everett facility. Please be patient with our staff, as we are not bringing in a bunch of high pressure sales staff, we will get to you. By the end of this sale, it will be all gone. This is all first rate product! 

  6. We are a little sad to be closing, but because of the increases etc, and our age, we know that it is time to go and not fight the issues mentioned. Our existing employee's will all be offered jobs with the companies that bought our store and warehouse buildings.





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